Associazione Culturale Tuo Museo

TuoMuseo is an international collective of artists, game
designers, developers, sound designers and 3D animators that
works in the intersection between art and videogames.
Our mission is to explore human relationships throughout new
forms of hi-tech creativity to engage the international public and
make the gamer co-author of his/her own experience. We aim
to create new cultural and touristic images.
TuoMuseo is currently the leading european reality in designing
and creating interactive experiences.
TuoMuseo, since its born, is engaged in collaborating with
different cultural instutions to enlarge their public and to develop
a broader knowledge of the Italian cultural heritage by using hi-
tech solutions to reach new public.
Various cultural institutions saw TuoMuseo as a key partner to
develop different projects; institusions such as museums,
theathres, cities and entire regions.
GAMIFICATION. TuoMuseo develops digital solutions based on
gamification mechanisms that ensure a high engagement
between cultural content and audiences all around the world
(2D videogames, 3D videogames, quiz, puzzles, trivia games,
board games, etc.);
AR/VR. TuoMuseo utilizes VR and AR solutions to create
engaging tours and fruition experiences in which cultural
heritage speaks directly with various audiences;
MOBILE APPS. TuoMuseo develops and publishes various
mobile applications on the major mobile stores. Applications
are released in various languages, ensuring an international
dimension to our products;
DIGITAL INSTALLATIONS. TuoMuseo collaborates with
museums, theatres, archaeological parks to create site-specific
digital installations with the aim to engage the audience and to
develop a collective narration of the cultural heritage, both
tangible and intangible.


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