The MEDIA strand, with 58% of the overall programme budget, supports Europe’s film and audiovisual industries and professionals across the value chain: from training and development to distribution and promotion.

MEDIA focuses on supporting projects with a European dimension to foster international cooperation, mobility, networking and expansion into markets beyond national borders.

The MEDIA strand also puts emphasis on projects that promote and explore the use of new technology and that aim to make Europe’s audiovisual industries more environmentally sustainable and more inclusive.

The MEDIA strand consists of the following funding categories, also called clusters:


with 4 support schemes that encourage cooperation and innovation in development and production:

  • European Co-Development
  • European Slate and Mini-Slate Funding
  • TV & Online Content
  • Video Games Development


with 4 support schemes that promote business innovation, competitiveness, scalability and European talent:

  • Training providers that foster European talent and skills
  • Markets & Networking Initiatives
  • European Film Distribution and Sales
  • Innovative Tools & Business Models


with 5 support schemes that aim to increase the visibility and accessibility of European content:

  • Films on the Move
  • European Film Festivals & Networks
  • Networks of European Cinemas
  • Audience Development & Film Education initiatives
  • European VOD Networks & Operators

POLICY Cluster

to support awareness-raising activities and relevant policy fora, studies and reports