Associazione Culturale Luzmek

Title: “Jazzing around Europe”.

The Project aims at promoting and improving the artistic and professional skills and capabilities of young musicians and artists operating in the music sector through the realisation of international joint productions in the field of jazz.
It also aims at enhancing the entire music production and supply chain (training, productions, advertising, circulation), by increasing the international visibility and dimension of the involved operators and organisations and strengthening the networking.

Main activities
A1 – Creation of new music ensembles (trios, quartets and quintets) to engage into the realisation of a joint production based upon a completely unedited repertoire elaborated thanks to specific pathways on composition. Each ensemble will be composed of emerging musicians adequately trained jointly with one or few famous artists as tutors. These latter will support young musicians after the conclusion of the training paths, to the practical implementation and until the artistic performance.
A2 – Training activities. Each ensemble will attend a highly skilled pathway on composition during which it will realise a new musical product.
A3 – Performances. The created jazz ensembles could perform within music festivals inside and outside the Project network.
A4 – Production and post-production. The ensembles will be involved in the realisation of a music record (album) published by a record label able to distribute on the main digital stores. The music records will be promoted through video-clips (one for each ensemble). The post-production will also benefit from a network of specialised music booking agencies.

A – For the musicians:
−High-level training.
−Professional experiences in relevant artistic and cultural organisations.
−Development of transversal skills and abilities.
−Improvement of specific linguistic and digital skills.
−Enhancement of professional experiences and opportunities.
−Internationalisation of the training.

B – For the organisations:
−Development of the professional dimension.
−Internationalisation of the professional reference networks.


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