Executive Summary: Opportunities and challenges of AI technologies for the CCS

Executive Summary of “Opportunities and Challenges of AI Technologies for the CCS”
This study maps concrete examples of organisations using AI across ten creative sectors: Music, Film, Video games and immersive content, News media/journalism, Book Publishing, Architecture, Museums and heritage, Visual arts, Performing arts, Fashion and design. It provides recommendations to counter challenges in five areas, notably access to data, access to skills, transparency, collaborative ecosystems and access to finance,; taking into account the wide diversity of needs across sectors, including small players.
Among others, the study highlights the importance of data interoperability, calls on creative sectors to identify common goals and explore data standards, and recommends policymakers to foster knowledge exchange between tech startups and creative sectors.

Study commissioned by DG Connect and contribute to Europe’s Digital Decade, the EU Commission’s vision and avenues for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030.